SVS Works / Southern California

Social Vocational Services, Inc. (SVS) is a California non-profit corporation that specializes in a ‘turnkey” approach—connecting individuals with developmental disabilities to employer in community settings.

SVS Supports both business and industries by providing Variety to the individuals we serve—our “clients”. SVS Satisfied Customers/employers are a statement of the Success of our services.

Employers can choose either direct hire or contract labor “Outsourcing” with customized consultations for job development creation.

Through the business and humanistic approach to placing persons in employment, SVS provides a “win-win” experience for the community and for persons with developmental disabilities.

Follow the picture links below (click each square) to learn more about the positive outcomes that others in your industry have had by partnering with SVS.

Contact Barbara Haney at (310) 944-3303 ext. 113 or to learn more about the outstanding workers SVS serves, and how they can save you money.

SVS SOCAL WORKS! Let it work for You!

Services Car Washing/Delivery Prep Services

Partnering Retail/Restaurants

Carf Food Service - Corporate and Collegiate Cafes

Carf Memorial Parks

Carf Mailroom / Clerical

Carf Recycling/Shredding/E-Waste

Carf Janitorial Services/Warehouse Services

Carf Municipal Services

Carf Customize