Corporate and Collegiate Cafes

"I have worked with SVS job coaches and clients for about 4 1/2 years. In that time we have gone from having one crew to five at one site and one more in another location. I never have to worry about dishwashing...Imagine that! If I ask the job coach to have the clients add or alter a task, I never have to circle back to see if it is being done. It WILL be done. Using SVS is one of the wisest choices that I have made in my career. I’m a fan of this service and each crew member is a breath of fresh air every day."

Michelle Calles, Area Manager for Guckenheimer

Through a “turnkey” solution SVS can do:
• Dishwashing, pots and pans
• Simple food prep, restocking
• Set up service areas, condiments, salad bar
• Recycle, clean loading dock
• Catering- remove meeting rooms deliveries

If you would like to know more about SVS's Corporate and Collegiate Cafes solutions, please contact:

Barbara Haney (310) 944-3303