Mailroom / Clerical

“Toyota has worked effectively to create opportunities that enhance the lives of people with disabilities and in today's increasingly competitive automotive industry; it is quite comforting to know the SVS team surpasses our high expectations in the work environment.” "They are conscientious, efficient, well organized, intelligent and they have grasped the Toyota spirit of "lean thinking" to help us achieve significant cost savings without compromising service or quality."

Ted Casey, Operations Manager, Material Distribution Center, Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Through a “turnkey” operation SVS can:
• Bulk and fine sort mail
• Deliver mail to stations or desk tops
• Receive outgoing and inner office mail
• Deliver priority or UPS mail- record on Palm Pilots
• Assist in copy center
• Distribute supplies to core centers
• Address- meter mail
• Assist in employees personal mail

If you would like to know more about developing a contract with SVS in a mailroom or clerical capacity please contact:

Barbara Haney (310) 944-3303