I consider it a continuous opportunity for personal and professional growth within the company. My journey began as an Administrative Coordinator Trainer, and today I am an HR Generalist. Having dedicated 28 years to SVS, I am grateful for the experiences and accomplishments I have achieved thus far. And I’m looking forward to more years.

Assisting individuals with disabilities is a fulfilling experience. I love supporting these individuals to become valued members of the community and foster a sense of belonging. By helping them discover their purpose in life, we, in turn, find purpose in our own lives.

Activities Coordinator

I love working with people and exploring the community with them and incorporating everyday life in magical and exciting ways.

Community Inclusion Facilitator

My job means the world to me. I am a giving person and if someone needs my hand, my heart, and my help, I am here to help them. This role brings immense fulfillment, allowing me to truly contribute and give back to others.

I have been with SVS for four years and bring over a decade of experience in this field. I continue to learn something new every day from our individuals and staff. I grew up with deaf parents and spent my childhood interpreting in sign language for their everyday communication. This experience has inspired me to help people who are in need, it’s a part of my nature. Helping others makes me feel like a good person and enables me to make a positive contribution to both individuals and my community.

Employment Specialist

The thing I love most about working at SVS is building relationships with local employers to help create a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace for adults with disabilities.